Wine Experiences at Meadowood

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Meadowood serves as a common ground for Napa Valley vintners and grapegrowers. Here they find a place to hold tastings and meetings, dine, engage in fitness and sporting activities and spend time with family and friends. We invite you to hear their stories!

The Napa Valley Reserve

The Napa Valley Reserve is a private club with a Membership of approximately 500 couples who share a passion for wine and the way of life that surrounds it. While grape growing and winemaking are central to The Reserve experience, Members, who come from more than 37 states and 11 countries, share other passions as well, including travel, the sporting life, culinary arts, fine art and legendary automobiles, among others. We offer our Members unparalleled experiences in a beautiful, private setting where they are at liberty to relax and enjoy one another’s good company.