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Image of Hole 1

Hole #1 - "Celebrate"

Image of hole 7

Hole #7 - "Troublesome Alley"

image of hole 9

Hole #9 - "The Guardian"

image of hole 4

Hole #4 - "Panoramic"

Image of hickory golf clubs

Hickory Golf Clubs

Image of hickory golf club

Hickory Golf

image of hole 5

Hole #5 - "Hopeful"

Image of golf studio and driving range

Golf Studio & Driving Range

The new Meadowood Fairways

Hole #9 - "The Guardian"

Meadowood’s Resident Golf Professional Doug Pike

Presiding over Meadowood’s tranquil fairways is the property’s resident golf professional, Doug Pike. A Northern California native and PGA Class A Member since 2003, Pike studied under some of the Bay Area’s finest golf instructors, molding his approach to teaching and player development.

Following a late introduction into the game at age 13, Pike quickly became a standout player at Healdsburg High School in Healdsburg, CA before taking his game to Santa Rosa Junior College in 1992 where he continued to improve his skills. From 1994-1999 he tested his game throughout Northern California and Nevada in various Professional Tournaments, US Open Qualifiers and charitable Pro-Ams, all while beginning his endeavors to become a member of the PGA of America.

As the Golf Professional and instructor at Meadowood Napa Valley, Pike’s commitment to his students can be felt through his deep-seeded passion to help speed up the improvement process. His most challenging goal and daily focus as an instructor has been to shorten the time it takes to learn, develop and play the game. Whether his students’ goals are competition at the highest level, club level or introducing new players to the game, Pike creates a very easy-to-follow plan for attaining those goals. His ability to properly identify needs and deliver solutions in a concise and easy- to-apply manner has become one of his finest attributes as a golf instructor. As a teacher of nationally ranked junior golfers and head golf coach at St. Helena High School, Pike has earned the reputation as one of the Bay Area’s finest supporters and leaders in Junior golf.

As the Golf Professional and instructor at Meadowood Napa Valley, Pike’s commitment to his students can be felt through his deep-seeded passion to help speed up the improvement process.

Golf Studio & Driving Range

The patented TrackMan technology instructs and helps players improve their game. The Studio offers an opportunity for both beginners to learn the basics and more seasoned players to perfect their technique, all while enjoying stunning, dramatic views of the property while in a comfortable, quiet environment.
The technology used by the Meadowood Golf Studio “transforms the way players learn and how the game is taught,” explains Doug Pike, Meadowood’s resident golf professional. 

The Golf Studio is equipped with the latest patented TrackMan technology.

Instruction Bay

Offers private, tailored sessions with a Meadowood Golf Pro. The Instruction Bay is equipped with the TrackMan Radar Unit which includes:

Trackman Pro
» The TrackMan Performance Studio (TPS) the world’s first and only golf club and ball data tool with totally integrated video and data. Merging video with TrackMan’s swing and golf data, the TPS delivers the definitive data and visual report on the golfer.
» Video layered 3D imaging (ball flight, club path, face angle).
» Basic data gathering and analysis.
» Identifies the correct equipment.
» Newly standardized game evaluation identifies distances of strength and weakness based on current handicap level. (80 shot evaluation from 60 yards on up). Trackman Combine is the world’s first standardized test for golfers. Golf’s leading professionals use Combine to benchmark their shot-making skills as well as colleges and universities when evaluating recruits.

Range / Gaming Bay

Enjoy your practice while improving your swing; Bay can accommodate up to four friends. Offers a unique blend of both radar-based games with shot tracking data. The Range/Gaming Bay is equipped with a radar unit and Touch Screen monitor:

» Shot Analysis – Precise data on ball flight, letting players know specifically what they need to work on.
» Addictive, competitive golf games – players can challenge each other and take part in organized matches. Groups can participate in a private company challenge throughout their stay.
» Helps players find the best equipment to suit their game.
» Test, track and target game improvement.
» Data gathered by Trackman Range includes: ball speed, launch angle, launch direction, spin rate, spin axis, maximum height, landing angle, carry, carry side, total distance and total side.
» All playing sessions, stats and images are uploaded in real time to the user’s profile on MyTrackMan.com for later reference.

Golf Group Tournaments at Meadowood

We offer three different group golf tournament options here at Meadowood: Par 3 Shootout, Hickory Golf Experience and the Golf Studio Experience.

Click here for details about all three tournament offerings!

For more information, please contact Meadowood's Tournament Coordinator in The Golf Shop at (707) 963-3646 ext. 309.

Traditional golf attire is required. For men, this includes collared shirts and walking shorts or pants. For women, collared shirts or shirts with sleeves, and walking shorts or pants are required. Blue jeans are not permitted. Golf shoes or tennis shoes are required.


Fair Fairways

Decades before the scenic fairways of Meadowood's nine-hole golf course were built, these pristine meadows and hillsides were home to a Christmas tree farm. Their wooded character remains, replete with fragrant firs and stately pines hugging narrow greens.

"The course has small greens and lots of trees, so it's quite challenging," explains Meadowood Resident Golf Professional Doug Pike. "But because it's not long, less-experienced players don't feel intimidated."

For those looking to improve their game, Pike offers a unique teaching approach. He starts by talking with students to find out which aspects of their game they are most keen to improve. "Everything is focused on what guests want," he explains. "I watch them hit some balls to figure out why a particular shot isn't working for them. Then I look at how their body types are affecting their swing. Do they have limitations like flexibility issues? If so, we find methods to overcome those and improve their swing. We always see a change in their game."

Pike, a 23-year golf veteran who has been at Meadowood for 13 years, has devoted much of his life to studying different swings, analyzing the mechanics of 110 pro golfers' swings. "When I get someone who follows a certain method, I'm able to step in and help with it," he says.


At Meadowood, private and semi-private lessons as well as group clinics and outings can be arranged for golfers of every age and skill level. Lessons typically last an hour, but 30-minute sessions are also available, as is playing the golf course with Pike or one of his assistant pros.

Another unique experience resort guests may enjoy at Meadowood is hickory golf, played with authentic hickory wood–shafted clubs dating from the early 1900s and specialized golf balls that replicate old-fashioned tree-sap versions. "We thought, 'People love playing croquet here and that has so much tradition. Golf has a rich history, too. What if we could give golfers a chance to play the old-fashioned way?'" Pike says. He found a collector who travels the world in search of antique hickory clubs and now procures them for Meadowood.

Hickory golf presents challenges even for the most experienced linksman. "It's an entirely different game," Pike explains. "Today's equipment, including a wide variety of clubs made of lightweight titanium, causes a ball to go a hundred yards farther. Back then players had only six wooden clubs and no yardage markers. Hickory golf takes away the formatted approach to the game. Therefore players have to calculate angles and position more closely than when playing modern golf. Now it's more about power."

Pike introduces players to the clubs then shares stories about golf's history and evolution during a round. "Every person who has played with a hickory club raves about it," says Pike. "It's an absolute must-do at least once in your life."

Green and Equipment Fees

Green fees are $65 per person for hotel guests.

Golf club rentals are available for $45 per bag.


Hickory Golf

9-holes with hickory golf clubs and golf balls for $175 per person.



One hour private lesson in the Golf Studio using TrackMan technology is $195.

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