Meadowood Worlds Best Awards 2015

Health and Fitness Retreats in Napa Valley


Kerry Brackett, Manager of Health & Fitness








Aqua Fitness

A total body workout in the pool. Both shallow and deep water conditioning are included. Workout includes a variety of activities such as dumbbells, pool noodles and/or water gloves.

Cardio Circuit

A cardiovascular workout that mixes cardio and strength work in the same class. Cardio could include Step, Kickboxing or Hi/Low aerobics and the strength could include dumbbells, resistance tubes, medicine balls, gliders or body bars.

Cardio Dance

A mix of different styles of dance to give you a great fat-burning cardio workout – the class could include Zumba and Salsa and other styles to make your workout fun!


A high-energy class on our indoor cycling bikes. Hill climbs, sprints and jumps are just some of the fun you’ll have on the bike!


Mixes indoor cycling with core exercise using a variety of equipment such as stability balls, bender balls or resistance tubing.


Mixes indoor cycling and strength exercises using a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, resistance tubing, medicine balls, gliders and/or body bars.

Swim Fitness

A swim workout in the pool working on strokes and technique


A non-impact exercise program to help tighten and reshape your body while increasing strength, flexibility and body alignment.


Pilates focuses on the core postural muscles which are essential in providing support for the spine. This mat class also teaches awareness of breath and alignment.

Sculpt Circuit

A mixture of strength exercises using a variety of equipment. Some cardiovascular exercises are included, but the focus is on strength.

Strength, Rock and Roll

This strength training class works all the muscles of the body, but focuses on the core with the use of stability balls, bender balls and the foam roller.

Gentle Yoga

A Hatha-based yoga class using gentle postures including energizing sun salutations, restorative asanas and relaxing pranayama techniques to rejuvenate and revive the body.

Slow Flow Vinyasa

A series of “flowing movements;” slightly more challenging than our other yoga classes.

Yoga For a Healthy Back

Gentle yoga class with complete focus on the back.

Yoga, Core, Mat Pilates

Power Yoga postures and Pilates mat exercises to tone the core and strengthen the spine.

One-on-One & Buddy Training

Spice up your workout and avoid plateaus with a personal trainer. In even just one session a trainer can teach you tips, tricks and techniques to improve your workouts. Bigger training packages are available for those needing a customized program or those that want a challenge and need to be held accountable. Nutritional counseling is also available and may be included in training. Each session is an hour in length. What to pack in twice the fun? Bring a workout buddy to workout with you. Workout partners are great for motivation and accountability.

Body Composition Analysis

Meadowood uses the BioAnalogics™ Health Management System to analyze your body's composition (lean and fat mass). The system analyzes composition using electric current. Additionally, Meadowood also uses traditional calipers for body fat testing. Both methods are used during a Body Composition Assessment.

Fitness Assessment

Assess your current fitness level and identify your training needs with a fitness assessment. Assessments can also evaluate the success of how well your current program is at achieving your objectives. The assessment includes weight and body composition measurements as well as a cardio test, flexibility test, muscular strength test and postural assessment. The results guide the trainer in creating a personalized workout that's just right for you.

Cardio Equipment

4 Life Fitness Treadmills
3 Life Fitness Cross Trainers (Elliptical)
2 Precor Cross Trainers (Elliptical)
3 Stairmasters
3 Life Fitness upright bicycles
4 Life Fitness recumbent bicycles
1 Concept II Rower

Strength Equipment

Cybex Machines
1 Leg Extension
1 Leg Curl
1 Leg Press
1 Lat Pull Down
1 Rowing
1 Chest Press
1 Shoulder Press

1 power assist dip/chin
1 multi function cable machine
1 Smith machine

Free weights from 1 to 50 pounds

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