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Traditional dress for the game of croquet is white attire with flat-soled shoes. At Meadowood white collared shirts for men, white shirts for women, white or light beige pants or shorts and flat-soled shoes are required. (Unfortunately no wedges, please.)

Tournament croquet requires a 105 x 84 foot lawn, upon which players hit two one-pound balls clockwise through a series of six wickets and then back again before pegging out. Players earn points up to a maximum of 26 with time limits ranging from two hours to no time limits at all. Tournament croquet at Meadowood is played on two full-size, world-class lawns. For newcomers to croquet, we use four half-size courts and recommend that players start with California Golf Croquet, which is an easy-to-learn version of the sport with good strategy and tactics which make the game exciting to play.

The Meadowood croquet lawns run parallel to the golf fairways, separated by a line of redwood and fir trees. The meticulous bent grass, trimmed to a mere 5/32 inch, is complemented by the rustic dry-stacked stone wall that frame the courts.

Challenging, exciting and fun, competitive croquet has -- for more than a century -- drawn an interesting mix of enthusiasts including the likes of Alexander Woollcott, Sam Goldwyn and Clark Gable. Meadowood debuted its competition lawns in 1986 and hosted the U.S. Croquet Championships the same year. Today, Meadowood is proud to offer its guests the finest full-time teaching facility for croquet in the country with private and small group instruction.

Court Fees & Equipment

Court Fees for hotel guests are $20 per person (includes equipment).



One hour lesson is $75 per person.

Group rates available for five players or more. 

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